What is Google Guarantee?

July 7, 2021

The Google Guarantee program is officially a Google Local Service ads (GLSA) feature to target local businesses in the home service segment. It is a pay-per-click program and you can control the cost per lead if you want. 

Google guarantee links with your google my business. This way people can see your reviews, locations, and things like that. The search results show up above the ads. However, limiting the cost per lead may affect your results. If your competitors are spending more than you are, you are not likely to show up. 

How to become Google Guaranteed?

To become Google Guaranteed, first, you will need to register for Google Local Service Ads (LSA). LSA will display certain business information such as address, reviews, contact information, and hours. Your business with be listed as Google Guaranteed only after completing an extensive series of screening processes. This includes background checks, verification of general liability insurance, and business licenses. 

Once you have received your Google Guarantee badge, your work is not done. You will need to consistently maintain your status to prevent your badge from being revoked. This means maintaining proper license and insurance, regularly updating your Google My Business page, asking for positive reviews, responding to negative reviews, and checking for regular updates from Google. 

Why should you get Google Guaranteed?

There are a lot of benefits that come with the badge. This program will put you in front of your competitors who aren’t in the program. Simultaneously it will increase your Google ranking and as a result, increase your lead generation. 

Google guarantee certainly comes with a price. Besides, setting it up is a vigorous approval process but it is worth it. As long as you get good leads, there is nothing to lose here. So, I definitely recommend using Google Guarantee. 

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