About Andy Patel

For Andy, digital marketing, creative solutions, and Bollywood performances are in his DNA. Since starting K3 Marketing in May of 2005, he and the team have grown leaps and bounds, crushing client goals one campaign at a time. His passion for digital marketing knows no bounds, and because of this relentless ambition, K3 Marketing is among the elite PPC agencies, as a recognized Google Premier Partner.

What separates Andy from most is not just his technical know-how and digital chops, but his passion for helping clients. Where others look for cross-sell opportunities in every client phone call, Andy is looking to learn more about their organization, who they want to reach, and identifies the best strategy to make it happen so they get the best ROI. Common sense solutions are what drive Andy and the entire team at K3 Marketing.

In his free time, you can find Andy doing everything from hanging out with his wife, his son, and his dog, or turning up the tunes with his music band Jashn. Not only does Andy know how to produce effective results out of a Google Ads campaign, but he knows how to play the keyboard and traditional Indian oboe, the Shehnai, and sing beautiful songs as well, when he and his band grace the stage. Hit them up if you have a wedding coming up!

The future is bright for Andy and the rest of the team at K3 Marketing, with successful clients and growing budgets. If you’d like to take a new approach towards search engine marketing for your Pest Control company, and finally get more return on your ad spend, get in touch with Andy.