6 Landing Page Essentials That You Must Have

June 30, 2021

Landing page is a stand-alone webpage that a potential customer can land on, created specifically for advertising or marketing campaigns. This page is different from your home page or any other page of your website. It is very important to have an appropriate landing page to ensure quality lead generation.

Why is your landing page important?

You are putting in a lot of effort into setting up your Ads, not to mention the money you are spending. So, when people click on your page, they need to go somewhere and you would want those clicks to convert into leads. Thus, it’s important that people who visit your landing page eventually convert into some sort of leads. 

For example, If I were to search for blue suede shoes, and the first link I see is to Macy’s, then I would have to navigate all the way through to the men’s department, shoe department, filter out blue shoes….. By this time, I am probably too deterred to buy it anymore! 

If Macy’s had directly taken me to the blue suede shoes landing page, I am more likely to look around and perhaps purchase one. This is the essence of having a proper landing page.

If we think in terms of a pest control company and someone searches for Miami Bed Bugs removal, you would want to take them directly to the bed bugs removal inner page or a bed bug landing page. It has to be specific to what the potential customer searched for otherwise, you might not get that lead. 

What your Landing Page should entail?

Stay Above the Fold!

Back in the day, when you would walk by a newspaper stand, did you notice that the newspapers were almost always folded in half but you could easily glance at the headline of the day. So the most important piece of information is always above the fold. 

Websites, especially landing pages work the same way. You have to provide the most important, relevant information to the customers right away before they have to scroll down. 

One of the Landing page essentials is to consider a standard resolution laptop or phone. If you are using that huge Imax, you will probably see the entire page but not everyone has such a high-resolution device. So, use regular devices that most people are likely to use and you will be able to see where the fold cuts off. 

Phone Numbers

Have your contact information, especially phone numbers in big and visible fonts right at the top. 9 out of 10 times if people have a bed bug problem, they are not going to read through your content. They would straight up call you. 


Reviews are very important as it helps you to show credibility and past work experiences. As a pest control company, you are basically inviting yourself into someone’s home and it’s vital for them to be able to trust you. One of the best ways to build trust is by showcasing reviews from your previous clients. 

Have a Chat Feature

I like to have a chat feature although it may not be feasible for everybody. There are many chat features out there so that you can respond to people right away. Maybe even have an automated response set up to answer the most frequent questions. 

Loading Time

If your landing page takes too long to load, you are going to instantly lose that customer. So make sure that your page loads fast. Keep your landing page clean, simple, and professional. 

Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Definitely make sure that your landing page is mobile-friendly because most people use their phones to search instead of sitting down on a computer. You can set up a sticky call option so that even when people scroll down on their phone, they always have the call option on their screen. 

These are some simple tips and tricks for the landing page basics. Do these correctly and you will have more potential to turn clicks into actual leads. 

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