The Overview of Google Search Expanded Text Ads

November 30, 2020

When creating Google ads, you need to pay special attention to the search ads as they are the most common and powerful ads. Probably the easiest to create are the expanded text ads, which are one of the ad format types on the Google Search Network (SN).

Why You Should Do Paid Search and Why These Types of Ads Are Important

Text ads are the most basic type of Google search ads, but when done correctly, they can be of great benefit to your company.

They are particularly useful for small and local businesses, however, a wide range of businesses with any budgets are keen and are welcome to advertise on the Search Network.

Search Network ads, typically in text form, will be shown on Google when a potential customer searches for a product or service that your’re offering.

So you should definitely incorporate search ads in your Google campaign if you want to pay for your business to appear at the very top of the Google Search Results Page (SERP).

Search ads are also an appropriate choice for most local businesses if they want to advertise on Google Maps.

Text ads offer high click through rates (CTR), which is beneficial for improving your ad’s Quality Score.

If you target keywords that have high buying intent like “plumber near me”, expanded text ads can be very efficient.

Expanded text ads tend to be the cheapest ad type available. However, some keywords that are used in the text ad can be very expensive, especially those for service providers like contractors, plumbers, roofers. Also, as majority of Google Ads users create text ads, this creates a lot of competition!

Specifications for Writing Expanded Text Ads

A Google search expanded text ad is the most straightforward format of PPC ads. It is quick and easy to set up, manage and optimize.
The expanded text ads are basically the same as the old, basic text ads, but have more text space for including information in the headlines and descriptions.

A basic Google search expanded text ad consists of three parts:
– a display URL (your landing page link)
– at least one (but up to three) descriptive headline or a title
– up to two short descriptions

You are required to fill up the first two headlines but the third field is optional. The additional headline field is there for you to write extra text in the ad.
Google is emphasizing headlines more and more. So if you carefully construct your text ad headlines, this can increase the likelihood that potential customers click on your ad to learn more about your service or to purchase your product.
It is more important than ever to compose a compelling headline that stands out, which will be nearly impossible for people to resist.

The second description field allows you to add additional text with more information to be able to better communicate your message to potential customers, and Call-To-Action text.

However, when coming up with your copy, you must consider the characters length limits for text ads.

These are:

Headline 1, 2, and 3, with 30 characters each

Description 1 and 2, with 90 characters each

URL path 1 and 2, with 15 characters each

The two URL path fields are optional, and here you have a choice to add the path to your displayed landing page’s URL.

Even though it doesn’t really matter what you put in these path fields and it doesn’t need to be part of your website URL, but whatever you write should be related to your landing page content.

This way, it can help people who see your ad to know better where they will end up after clicking on your ad.

For example, if your website’s final URL is you may want your displayed text to be “mice” and “removal”. Thus, the URL of your ad will be displayed as

Additionally, you should pay attention to the generated preview on the right hand side of the screen while you create your ad. Because expanded text ads are mobile-optimized, this preview will display your ad in both desktop and mobile format.

Search Expanded Text Ad Extensions

If you want a more successful version of Google search expanded text ads, you can add the benefit of extensions.

This will give you more control and potential for click through. There are a lot of different ad extensions types but the most common are:

– Call/Message extension – you can include your business phone number which interested people can call or text

– Location extension -the physical address of your business is added

– Sitelink extension – it helps connect people who view your ad to the relevant parts of your website

– Callout extension – you’re able to promote special offers to customers, or benefits, e.g. free shipping, 24/7 customer service, pick-up service, or price matching

– Price extension – you can list your prices for related products

– Lead form extension – very useful feature to get leads, such as a name and contact details, from people who submitted the form

– App extension – if your company has an app and you’d like potential users to download it, this extension is essential

Due to their affordability and ease of use, Google search expanded text ads are the preferred choice for many Google Ads users that don’t have the knowledge, time, and/or budget to try out other ad format types. That means these ads are not only for beginners.

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