The ULTIMATE Pest Control Internet Marketing Lead Strategy

July 14, 2020

In this episode of The Pest Control Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy talks about internet marketing strategies that are going to give you leads instantly as a pest control company. This episode will not touch on things that take time before they start converting, like email marketing, blogging, etc.

Here are the pay per search strategies that will work for you:

Google Ads

Having a presence on Google is essential. In addition to Google ads, you should be running Google display ads. This is a custom intent where you get to target people who search for things related to one of your searches or your competitors with either your banner or video ads. These are beneficial because they target the right people while costing you less than Google ads. If you are running Google ads, then you should already be running Google display ads with custom intent.

Bing/ Microsoft Ads

In addition, to Google ads, you should also be running Microsoft ads which are easily transferable from Google. Even though far less people search on Bing as compared to Google, there is less competition which means less cost per click. There is a more mature audience that is out to buy your product.


This is a search engine that promises not to follow you around, they respect your privacy, which is very important today. The best thing about DuckDuckGo is that it is syndicated with Microsoft ads making it a button from there. You create an ad on Google, import it to Microsoft ads, and then, you just click a button in there to push it to DuckDuckGo.

Now that someone has seen your ad, and clicked on it, they should find a landing page for the potential leads that leave. To be honest, the ratio of the leads who buy is small as compared to that of the ones who leave. For this, make sure you get a Google remarketing code for the landing page and website to make sure that even though they have left, they still get to be remarketed to. This strategy is great for branding, and the clicks are low.

Add a Facebook retargeting pixel. This means that just like you’re following people on the web, you get to follow them on social media as well. This includes Facebook and Instagram, and overall, the clicks are very cheap. DO NOT be aggressive with the keywords.

It makes sense to have other campaigns such as higher funnel campaigns on search platforms which might not turn into leads, but you get to follow potential leads around and stay in the back of their heads just in case they need you. Remember that these clicks are cheap but overall valuable.


Listen to the latest PCIM podcast episode on pay-per-click lead strategies for a pest control company here.


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