Learn about the Best Call Tracking Software

June 6, 2021

Call tracking software tracks incoming calls, records phone calls and other information such as call source, etc. Call tracking software can be very helpful, especially with concerns relating to lead scoring, keyword research, lead attribution, etc. With a call tracker you can find out which ads, campaign or keyword got their attention!

If you are not already using some sort of call tracking software, I would highly suggest you start doing it now! Once carried out, sales groups can utilize these programs for everything from planning client’s website ventures preceding on-phone closes, to identifying opportunities for development across sales groups.

However, not all call tracking software will give you the same benefits and there are thousands of them. So, let’s take a look at some of the software that I personally know about!

Call Tracking Metrics

This is the call tracking software that I like to use. I don’t know if they are the absolute best but they have all the functionality that I need. For example,

“If the client owns ABC Pest Control and a lady called Susan decides to call you at your call tracking number. Call Tracking Metrics will reroute the call to you without any sort of lag time. Besides, you will get an email instantly that says, “hey you received a call, and here is a recording of that call”. 

This is very helpful for a number of reasons. You need this information to figure out with marketing strategies are yielding the best ROI for you. Also, a lot of my clients use this tool to assist their technicians in better services. Continuing from the previous example, “If the owner or secretary forwards that call recording to the person who is going to directly work with Susan, then they would have a better understanding of what Susan exactly wants and what is at stake here”. 

Another thing that we utilize Call Tracking Metrics for is the forms. They have a tool called a form reactor. This a form that you can build directly in the Call Tracking Metrics platform itself and embed that form onto your landing page. So, when the form gets filled out, let’s say by Susan, then ABC Pest Control gets a call right away! It will say something like, “Hey, you got a form lead by Susan, press one to connect”. If you decide to press one, it will call Susan instantly. So, it allows you to get in front of the customer in a more seamless, effective way. 

They are always evolving and sending out emails of new services and features. Most importantly, it is an easy app and an easy service to use. They have great customer service, if you call them, they are always responding. 


There has been a lot of talk about the company CallRail. From my understanding, this company has been around for longer and they are also a larger company compared to Call Tracking Metrics. They may even be better than Call Tracking Metrics. CallRail, of course, offers a lot of the services that call tracking matrics dose. However, it is my personal preference to use Call Tracking Metrics. 

Tracking calls assists organizations with overcoming any issues between their marketing efforts and inbound leads just as understanding where new business opportunities may lie. Call tracking can be a distinct advantage for organizations that need to get to the base of who their clients are and what marketing channels drive them to call.

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