PCIM’s Sanitizing and Disinfecting Program

May 9, 2020

In this episode of The Pest Control Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy invites Maggie Horn, PCIM’s Account Manager to talk about a sanitizing and disinfecting campaign that she is spearheading. 

How long has the campaign been going on?

She was approached by one of their clients because their products were certified by the EPA to kill COVID-19. It was rolled out about a month ago and is doing well, which has led them to encourage other pests and wildlife companies to look into offering this service.

Why should a pest control owner consider offering this service?

The main purpose should be because of the demand it has right now. The COVID-19 is a zoonotic virus, which means that you, as a pest and wildlife operator, already have the products and the license. It is also easy to get trained on the sanitizing methods and offer that as a service. 

What makes the Sanitizing and Disinfecting campaign different than others?

Google understands that this is an in-demand service and have stricter guidelines on what keywords to use and not to use. This means that marketers have to get creative in how they convey that message to their potential customers and in a sensitive manner.

What type of keywords are approved and disapproved?

As of now, anything related to Coronavirus like COVID-19, virucide, or Coronavirus is not allowed by Google. Anything else like home sanitizing, office sanitizing, office disinfectant is approved and are being allowed to run ads. You cannot run Google Ads with COVID-19 related keywords, but you can mention them anywhere on your website. 

What sort of cost per click budget should you have?

It depends on where you’re located, the demand for the service as well as the competitors that are also bidding. It is low cost with a $30 to $50 a day on average and $7 to $10 cost per click on average. It is good to keep in mind that it’s a fairly new market.

Should pest and wildlife control companies be targeting commercial or residential when placing ads?

That is up to the company but the commercial jobs may be bigger in scale which would need training and manpower. It would be wise to start with residential until you feel capable enough to venture into commercial.

Key takeaways: 

  • This service is new and the ones to offer it should be the pest and wildlife control operators who are already licensed to use this program.
  • Make sure you work with your marketing agency or your Google representative on how to get creative and work around those strict guidelines that Google is implementing while still offering optimal ads.


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